CLC mentors and supports its students to engage with education, youth and global issues and inspires them to take action to bring positive change of inclusivity and become visionary leaders of tomorrow.
CLC encourages its students to organize volunteering projects, which the CLC supports financially, with the proceeds being donated to charities, such as Make a Wish, Streetlights and Safe Water Sports to support their efforts.
CLC cultivates long lasting relations with its staff, students and friends, who mentor and support each other to step out of their comfort zone to achieve not only their personal goals but also take initiatives for the betterment of society.



CLC supports artistic and cultural events and projects, which highlight its students’ unique talents and nurture their creative vision while having a positive impact on the community and to volunteering organizations.


The CLC supports its students to be actively involved citizens and critically access political issues by encouraging them to voice their opinions and by empowering and engaging them in issues that affect people’s livelihood and well-being.


CLC strives to provide educational resources and opportunities for all the youth in the community and mentors students and adults to reach their academic goals, by initiating and supporting initiatives aimed at offering equal educational opportunities.


The CLC encourages and mentors students to be creative, innovative, highly motivated and engaged by creating value for other people and/or the society.


The CLC supports events and projects that intend to reflect the spectrum of people, historical events and experiences that have contributed to building the Greek nation and its contribution to the world as the cradle of the western civilization.


CLC motivates students to be involved with STEM by initiating and carrying out research in the related scientific fields to promote student-centered learning and investigations, as well as encourage girls to STEM studies.


CLC encourages students to deal with important world issues that affect society to ensure that young people become citizens of the world and think outside the box to bring change and be force for a more inclusive society.


CLC encourages students to follow the pathway towards a healthier sustainable future, since young people are idealistic and their creativity enables them to think outside and find solutions to problems difficult to solve.


CLC supports an array of volunteering drives, organized by its staff, students and friends, which create a lasting impact on the health and well-being of the communities and better the lives of all involved, including the volunteers.


The Smile of the Child

The CLC Team led by Eva Lemonia who is a student in our language classes, organized a charity drive to gather food and supplies for the families which are supported by “The Chamogelo tou Paidiou”. Although CLC remains in distance

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Educational Economics

Under the guidance, support and mentoring of the CLC team, Dr. Antonis Ioannidis, Professor of Management at AUEB, and Ilias Arvanitakis Msc, in Economics and Finance at LSE, our students Maria Tourni, Evelina Barakou, Anna Maria Pikoula, Elena Mellis and

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Digital Nomads

Under the guidance, support and mentoring of the CLC team, Dr. Antonis Ioannidis, Professor of Management at AUEB, and  Ilias Arvanitakis, Msc in Economics at LSE, our students Ioanna Diamantara, Dimitris Vougiouklakis, Jack Breuhaus, Maria Ntanika, Spyridonas Vareltzis, and Nick Xanthopoulos carry out a research project

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