Under the guidance, support and mentoring of CLC’s team, Mr Dimitris Kourkoulas, ex-EU Ambassador & ex-Deputy Foreign Minister of Greece, Mr Christos Tsoukas, LLB Warwick University and Miss Elpida Drakouli, BSc in Political Science with concentration in International Development Leiden University, our students Myrto Iosifidou, Marilena Zotou, Silia Triantafilli, Rokka Karolina, Despoina Rozou and Melina Velissaratou carried out a research project about a legal analysis of Aegean dispute between Greece and Turkey. This research paper attempted to contribute to the politics and international law field by examining the validity of the arguments posed by Greece and Turkey on the Aegean Dispute. The objective of this paper was to objectively assess how each country’s claims fare against treaties, conventions, and customary law. This paper has utilized qualitative data for this report and finds that Greece has legal validity on two components of the Aegean Dispute, whilst one component is ambiguous. 


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