Artistic Merchandise Creation

CLC’s team, led by Ms. Stefanos Nanopoulos, MS Strategic Marketing Imperial College Business School, B.A. Financial Economics Columbia University, and Ms. Sofia Verykiou, BSc History and Archaeology University of Ioannina, MSc Art History, Criticism and Conservation UCL ‘24, mentored and supervised our students Eleni-Paraskevi Mexi, Maria-Evangelia Petri, Kalia Gkeorgkieva and Alesandra Basina to carry out a research project on Acute Cholecystitis.

This project aims to examine the key historical art movements and examples of how modern artists have commercialized their work through examples from the Renaissance till Modern Times, focusing on the commercialization of art during the 20th and 21st centuries. Furthermore, students will be client briefed for “CLC products” and initial brainstorming and tips on how to support/present an art piece and bring it to market. The final step of the project is the creation of their own design and story for CLC products and their sale for supporting non-profit organizations.

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