Farsi Physics Dictionary

Under the guidance, support and mentoring of the CLC team and with the help of its network, our students Evangelos Chatziandreou , Irina Kotsoli, Ioulios  Tsimpos and Alexandros  Zoupos implemented CLC’s initiative to compile the first Handbook with the Greek terminology of Physics translated into Farsi, aiming at providing them to Volunteer organizations within the framework of CLC community activations.

 From their experience in immigrant teaching centers, students discovered the difficulty of interpreting the Greek Physical terms in the language of the refugees. This experience inspired them to create manual of Greek Physical terminology with explanatory terms in Farsi, which will be a guide for volunteers in the teaching centers. The students’ efforts was embraced by the Greek Council for Refugees, which will use the Handbook at the educational activities provided to refugees.

The GCR, aiming to support refugee’s smooth integration into the country, implements daily Greek language courses for children and adults, educational counseling, workshops for children, as well as psychological support and care programs.

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