The Future of Mobility

Under the guidance, support and mentoring of the CLC team and with the help of its network, Dr, Dionysios Panagiotopoulos (MIT, MBA/class’22) ,  CLC’s students Phillip Michail, Aris Kourelas, Michalis Michailidis, Danae Mousama,Haris Achniotis,Vassilis kouloumentas,Konstantinos Michalopoulos, Dimitris Papagiannakopoulos, and Iasonas Panousopoulos are working on a research paper aiming to identify how Greece can attract venture capitalists and start-up businesses in the area of mobility and autonomous transportation. 

Our engineering students will examine how replacing Fuel Cell Cars (Internal Combustion Engines) with BEV (battery-electric vehicles) will reduce carbon emissions in the city of Athens, and whether the energy that will be used to charge those vehicles will be beneficial for the environment or not (taking into account that to produce energy the Greek Public Power Corporation DEI may still be using lignite). 

Students will also design blueprints, and user interface, of the optimum places for charging the autonomous cars, notify the owner with charging updates and blending the stations (in terms of architecture) without damaging the natural environment.

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