Streetlights / Hive

The CLC team, students and its network support Streetlights / Hive by organizing different volunteering drives to help unprivileged children in the area of kypseli. Aligned with the community outreach spirit of the CLC Educational Institute, Ms. Peppy Christala spearheaded the cooperation with the Streetlight NGO. 

Streetlights is made by a group of friends, who work for Social, Financial and Spiritual Change in the streets of Kypseli. To help our students at CLC experience first-hand the power of offering help to those who need it the most, we guide our students to become volunteers/tutors at Streetlights and help other children learn, play, and be educated. Our students become tutors in all classes, helping thus underprivileged children who have no access to tutorship, become better in their academics and work on their homework. 

 Our students’ parents  have also donated a ping-pong table and a keyboard. The CLC family continuously offers to Streetlights, and within the 3 years of cooperation we have donated English books, materials for children’s handcrafts , furniture, and two laptops to help the people behind Streetlights continue their worthwhile  in the area of Kypseli.

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