Digital Nomads

Under the guidance, support and mentoring of the CLC team, Dr. Antonis Ioannidis, Professor of Management at AUEB, and  Ilias Arvanitakis, Msc in Economics at LSE, our students Ioanna Diamantara, Dimitris Vougiouklakis, Jack Breuhaus, Maria Ntanika and Nick Xanthopoulos carry out a research project about ‘Digital Nomads’.

In recent years, due to the economic instability, political unrest, and lack of opportunities for professional growth, many people have decided to pursue their academic and career goals using telecommunication. This phenomenon we will refer to as “Digital Nomads.” For obvious reasons, this trend can be both a loss and a profit for Greece according to the tax laws, bureaucracy, and the financial independence resulting from stability or raise in wages. Our students explore relevant bibliography and statistics in order to craft a research paper on what Greece can offer in terms of tax, better lifestyle, wage growth, social security, health security, freedom so to attract digital nomads.

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