Educational Economics

Under the guidance, support and mentoring of the CLC team, Dr. Antonis Ioannidis, Professor of Management at AUEB, and Ilias Arvanitakis Msc, in Economics and Finance at LSE, our students Maria Tourni, Evelina Barakou, Anna Maria Pikoula, Elena Mellis and Christoforos Papakostopoulos, carry out a research project about ‘Educational Economics.

Covid-19 has completely transformed not only the field of education with online classes taking over but it has also changed students’ everyday life in general. Our students will explore via questionnaires the repercussions of the lockdown in Greece on their fellow students. They will track any shifts in consumer behavior – online shopping, easier access, lack of socializing which could lead students as consumers lash out on online shopping. The analysis of data gathered will be presented in the form of a research paper.

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