Comparative Analysis of the Greek-Irish Economies (2005-2016)

CLC’s team, led by Mr. Petros Ioannidis, BSc, Business Management and Administration AUEB, FS Deals Associate, PwC Greece, mentored and supervised our students Christina Christodoulou, Aggelos Zotos, Konstantinos Fatouros, Panagiotis Bezas, Marina Alexandratou, George Spyrou, and Evangelos Prokos, to carry out a research project on the Greek and Irish Economies during the time period 2005-2016.

The financial crisis which started in the US in 2008 shocked the entire world and damaged the global economy. Two of the countries that were seriously affected by the recession were Greece and Ireland. The goal of this project is to draw conclusions about the economies of the two countries before, during, and after the crisis, by contrasting important financial decisions that their governments took and their results.

It is crucial to understand how Ireland managed to escape from economic difficulties and follow a path toward growth and prosperity, while Greece’s economy remained problematic.

In order to analyze the trajectory of the two countries, key macroeconomic measures were used, most importantly GDP (Gross Domestic Product) per capita, Unemployment, Public Debt as a percentage of GDP, and Exports.

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