Globalization-Internationalization of a company: The example of Zara

CLC’s team led by Mr. George Militsis, MSc Finance & Risk Management ALBA, MSc Revenue Management Cornell, MSc Hospitality Industry Marbella Les Roches, and CLC’s Business Teacher, mentored and supervised our students Aimilia Salamoura, Miranta Margariti, Konstantinos Giotis, Kalia Gkeorgieva, Eleni-Anna Katsadourou and Antonis Papatzanakis to carry out a research project on the globalization-internationalization of a company, based on the example of Zara.

The project explores Zara’s success strategies, internationalization, and market entry approaches. It begins with an introduction to Zara’s customer-centric approach and fast fashion strategy, followed by the brand’s history. The SWOT analysis evaluates Zara’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Porter’s five forces analysis assesses its competitive landscape. The conclusion offers insights and suggestions for future steps.

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