“Entrepreneurship & Climate Change: Electric Vehicles Case Study”

CLC’s team, led by Mr. Dimitrios Syrichas, MSc Digital Business ESADE ’23, and Mr. Georgios Militsis, MSc Finance & Risk Management ALBA, MSc Revenue Management Cornell, MSc Hospitality Industry Marbella Les Roches, and CLC’s Business Teacher, mentored and supervised our students Nikolaos Vitsikanos, Eleanna Roussou, Maria-Eleni Papazoglou, Erietta Kalafata, and Anny Markopoulou to carry out a research project on Entrepreneurship and Climate Change.

Electric cars have taken the world by storm; But are they truly more innovative, energy-efficient, luxurious, and safer than internal combustion engines? The theoretical framework adopted in the paper is Entrepreneurship and Climate change. Finally, the findings illustrate that electric vehicles are far from energy-efficient however there is a major research limitation since electric cars have not been in the market for more than five years and their technology still is under development. On the other hand, internal combustion engines should turn greener and even more energy-efficient per kilometer, as well as become more green quality-wise. The project aimed for students to work on a paper to identify the potential benefits and drawbacks, limitations, and future research of electric-powered vehicles in comparison to internal combustion engines about entrepreneurship and climate.

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