Foreign Direct Investments in Greece: Legal and Economics Considerations

CLC’s team, led by Mr. Dionysis Fotopoulos, LLB National & Kapodistrian the University of Athens, mentored and supervised our students Anna Karvela, Vassilis Robotis, Fani Kantzavelos, and Kanellopoulou Elena, to carry out a research project on Foreign Direct Investments in Greece.

Greece’s recovery has been fundamentally based on inbound Foreign Direct Investments (FDI). The attraction of FDI has been proclaimed as the primary policy tool by both technocrats and politicians for paving the way to the country’s growth in the post-crisis and post-COVID-19 era. The present research project aims to conceptualize FDI in its contemporary contours and place it within the Greek context. To that extent, the present paper will analyze the importance of FDI for Greece’s growth and shed some light on the importance of a sound and predictable legal environment as a driving force for FDI attraction.

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