How fast-food chains managed to overcome the potentially devastating effects of Covid-19: The example of McDonald’s

CLC’s team, led by Mr. Giatras Jason, graduate of BSc in Business Management-King’s College London, mentored and supervised our students Solkidis Anastasis, Papadopoulou Eva, Cavoulacou Joanna, Sarantopoulos Konstantinos, Stengos Konstantinos, Zotou Marilena, Andrikopoulos Nikolas, and Anastasiadis Vyron to carry out a research project about the manner that McDonald’s managed to overcome the potentially devastating effects of Covid-19.

Before the pandemic, McDonald’s had become the most successful and recognized fast-food company in the entire world having more than 39,000 franchise restaurants in approximately 120 countries. Despite the devastating effects of Covid-19 on most, if not on all industries across the globe, McDonald’s managed to efficiently respond to this situation and sustain its competitive position. The aim of this paper is to examine and understand the methods that McDonald’s used to respond to this crisis by radically altering its operations and its ‘way of doing things.

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