How to create a moral A.I.

CLC’s team, led by Mr. Thodoris Tsalezas, BA in Applied Math with a Minor in Computer Science, Columbia University, mentored and supervised our students He Zhiyong, Odysseas Koutsoubakis, Kyriakos Kamarinakis, Alexia Efstratopoulou, Zinovia Stavropoulou, Georgios Stavroulas, Iliana Gkouma-Nikandrou, and Dimosthenis Chatziioannou to carry out a research project on the ethical issues of AI chatbots and what the most important moral problems are.

The main challenge of this project is highlighting the pros and cons of eliminating ethical issues and the design of a chatbot that addresses these issues, comparing them with other popular ones like Chatgpt, Bard, etc. Through specific case studies, we will showcase the most critical points AI chatbots need to improve regarding ethics (privacy, transparency, bias, etc.). Furthermore, we will present an AI chatbot with the changes to work more ethically and will compare the various ones between what we will build and other popular chatbots to see if the changes we made were effective/desirous, etc.

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