Infodemic: A Case Study of the Main Actors Engaging in COVID19 Vaccine Disinformation

CLC’s team, led by Miss Tsibri Thania, BA graduate of Political Science Georgetown University, mentored and supervised our students Anastasiadi Filio, Douva Marisia, Manta Ioanna, and Stathopoulou Anna to carry out a research project about the main actors engaging in COVID19 Vaccine Disinformation.

Disinformation is false information deliberately created and disseminated with malicious intent. It can affect vaccine confidence and vaccination rates. Most misinformation and disinformation that has circulated about COVID-19 vaccines has focused on vaccine development, safety, and effectiveness, as well as COVID-19 denialism. This paper aims to investigate the main actors that engage in COVID-19 vaccine disinformation, the methods they employ, and the impact they have on society.

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