Jamal Khashoggi’s Murder

 Under the guidance, support and mentoring of the CLC  team and with the help of its network, Master student Elena Stalia and Evangelia Boumboukioti, Head of the Court of Appeals in Greece, CLC’s student Joanna Rellou completed a research paper on the socio-political causes and effects behind Jamal Khashoggi’s assassination.

This paper will examine not why he was killed but why the murder of a man for his beliefs is a permissible means of solution in 2020, which in fact remains unpunished. Where does the right to take a human life from a government come from? How can a man who was murdered inside a government building be considered missing? And finally, how far is humanity and its morality prepared to be buried and give in to the altars of money and power?

The paper will try to also answer through a research for the political and economic effects of Khashoggi’s murder if  Khasoggi can be the shining example that will drive change. Or will be the confirmation that we all are little ” Khashoggis”, with the right to express ourselves freely but only as far as our chains allow.

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