Macedonian Affairs

Under the guidance, support and mentoring of the CLC  team and with the help of its network, Evangelia Bouboukioti, Head of the court of Appeals in Greece, and Master Student Elena Stalia, CLC’s student Maria Tzialla completed a research paper of 2000 words, on the geopolitical causes and effects in Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean Sea on the basis of the Macedonian Name Affair….

Nowadays, the naming dispute around Skopje revolves around the geopolitical developments in the Balkans and eastern Mediterranean, as well as their existence as independent state entities. A basic prerequisite for the survival of the state is its inclusion in pivotal international organizations like the EU and NATO, in a way that will assuredly establish the use of the name yet also the nationality of Macedonia, without however damaging the history and culture of all the associated countries.

This paper also examined the vigorous and continuous pressure from global parties to resolve the issue, as well as the vital political and diplomatic efforts and events that have taken place following the governmental formation that occurred under the auspices of Social Democrat Zoran Zaev, essentially giving this dispute a mobility and prospect of resolution which prior to the aforementioned was absent.

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