Piano Composition – Poem “Refugees”

Under the guidance, support and mentoring of the CLC team and with the help of its network, Nikolaos Vichos (Dartmouth ’23) composed the poem “REFUGEES” which belongs to poetry anthology “LOST GROUNDS” from laureate poetess Despina Kontaxis.


Death carriers the dreams

hope they bury.

Life a rake

the ditches of choices

longly shapes.

The seeds of being a refugee

is planted

each one in a different spot.

Families are separated.

The memories old photographs

that fade.

Children that grow

without parents

without comfort.

Forced being refugees

that is settled

as a sigh.

The sorrow

suffocating tobacco

that emerges.

Liberation to tomorrow

some children’s grin,

before it gets to it

the burial of hope.

You can listen to the melody by clicking the link:


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