Skip the Straw & Save a Turtle

Under the guidance, support and mentoring of the CLC team and with the help of its network, Ms Penny & Ms Peppy,  CLC’s students  Sophia Lavranos, Despina Ntrigkogia,  Marisa Kefaloyanni, Zoe Sougioutzoglou, Ileana Chlorou and Demilia Kambourides decided to work on a project to promote alternatives to plastic straws to raise awareness for protecting sea life.

The team researched for alternative products for plastic and contacted the company “Staramaki” which manufactures wheat straws from Kilkis, Nothern Greece. The team designed leaflets and banners and plan to have a campaign visiting restaurants and organizing in school activities to raise awareness about the devastating effects of the plastic straws to sea turtles. This initiative was also presented in the international Circle the Med Forum 2021, emphasizing the crucial role that young people play in sustainability.

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