CLC and Fairlife L.C.C. – Lung Cancer Care and Prevention

CLC’s team, led by Christina Kordera, BSc Sociology Panteio University, and CLC’s staff, mentored and supervised our students Papandreou Andreas, Bistolas Stelios, Markou Modesti, Vitsikanos Nikos, Yang Gavin, Avgerinou Marianna, Arnokourou Vanessa, Iosifidou Myrto, Stengos Konstantinos and Restis David to carried out a research volunteer project on the Lung Cancer and the most important causes of smoking, in cooperation with FairLife L.C.C. The aim of the research was to raise awareness among young people about lung cancer and consequently about one of its major causes, smoking, which they started at this age and was the means to raised awareness and activated their loved ones about lung cancer. The project involved a questionnaire that would be distributed both online and in person by the students.

Through multiple-choice questions, the respondent would be informed that:

  • Cancer worldwide and in Greece is the first cancer in terms of mortality
  • The reason is the lack of prevention and the incorrect evaluation of symptoms
  • There is the possibility of prevention with low-dose CT scanning which reduces the mortality rate by more than 30%

The results of the research were presented at an online event hosted by FairLife L.C.C on 31st May 2022.

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