Restoring PAX Confidence

Under the guidance, support and mentoring of CLC’s team, Dr. Roxanne Athousaki, Aviation Aerospace and Electrical/Electronic Engineering and Mr. Alkiviadis Liampeys, BSc Economics and Finance, Master in Management Bocconi ’23, our students Vaggelis Kanellis, Theocharis Kontopoulos, Matt Bonis, and Iro Panagopoulou carry out a research project about Restoring passenger confidence in Air Travel post-Covid era.

Bearing in mind the advances in technology, the emergence of various e-channels, the increased competitiveness in the air travel field, and the vaccination progress the choice and implementation of the most effective and appropriate strategy to restore passenger confidence in air travel post-COVID 19 is of vital importance for all the aforementioned air travel bodies. The aim of this report is to examine and evaluate the role and responsibilities of airports, airlines, and state/governments in restoring passenger confidence for air travel in the post-Covid 19 era.

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