SIR Disease Model for Covid-19

CLC’s team, led by Mr. Pantazis Pavlos, Diploma, Electrical Engineering, Patras University, Master’s in finance, Princeton Class of 2023, mentored and supervised our students Valsamis Alexis, Tzoannos Clio, and Bistolas Stelios to carry out a research project on the SIR model, an explanation of the mathematical foundation, and its use to model COVID-19.

The aim of the project is for students to understand and explain the SIR model. The SIR is a compartmental model used to model many infectious diseases. Students will understand its purpose, and its mathematical definition and later use it to demonstrate how COVID-19 can be modeled with its use. The result of the project will be an application that will be created with Python, and it will be based on an existing open-source project.

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