“Sustainability in Modern Businesses”

CLC’s team, led by Mr. Kosmas Tsaknakis, BA Economics, Sussex University, MSc Events, Sports and Entertainment Management, Glion Institute, Coca-Cola HBC Finance Analyst, mentored and supervised our students Mata Salapata, Vassilis Potamianakis, Filippos Lakiotis, Barbas Grigoris and Faidra Koukouli to carry out a research project on Sustainability in Modern Businesses.

Sustainability in business involves conducting operations in a manner that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising future generations. It requires businesses to consider economic, social, and environmental impacts and make decisions that balance the interests of all stakeholders.

This essay explores the importance of sustainability for European businesses, including competitive advantages, legal requirements, cost savings, and stakeholder demands. Examples of innovative practices used by European businesses, such as green building and the circular economy, are provided.

The essay also discusses the role of sustainable development strategies, corporate social responsibility, stakeholder engagement, and regulatory policies in promoting sustainability. Additionally, it highlights companies like Novo Nordisk, Ford Motors, and Nike that have integrated sustainability into their operations.

Finally, it emphasizes the significance of environmental quality, regulatory policies, and stakeholder engagement in achieving sustainable development in Europe.

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