A preliminary investigation on the exploitation of the tidal current in the Euripus strait for renewable energy production.

CLC’s team, led by Mr. Koutsoukos Spyros, BSc in Physics Liverpool University, MA Applied Optics Imperial College London, Demokritos associate researcher, and CLC’s Physics Teacher, mentored and supervised our students Efthimiopoulou Danae, Kandilakis Harry, Restis David, Michalopoulos Simos and Yang Gavin to carry out a research project on a problem that troubled Aristotle-the tidal power from the strait of Evripos.

In recent years, the problem of global warning due to the emission of Greenhouse gases has les to numerous debates and international meetings in an attempt to estimate the magnitude and the source of the problem as well as to develop the mechanisms that are necessary and economically viable to find solutions to the problematic rise in global temperature. After the Paris agreement that was reached in December of 2015, the EU has set a target of achieving a zero-carbon footprint before the year 2050. The aim of the paper is to estimate the power that could be produced by the installation of water turbines in the strait to assist the transition to a green economy that would help reach the goal set by the EU.

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