The Next Generation of Supersonic Passenger Aircraft

CLC’s team, led by Ms. Roxani Athousaki, PhD in Aviation, Aerospace and Electrical Engineering, Assistant Professor and Interim Course Director Coventry University Wrocław, mentored and supervised our students Sotiris Terzis, Lymperis Karras, Maria-Stella Korsanou, Periklis Paraponiaris and Spyros Kouloubrakis to carry out a research project on Supersonic Passenger Aircraft.

Supersonic travel is a way of travel or aircraft designed to transport passengers like regular aircraft at speeds more significant than that of sound/or being able to break the sound barrier. This project aims to discuss the history, advantages, and disadvantages of supersonic passenger flight while also evaluating how supersonic travel could possibly return (more sustainably) within this decade.

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