“The old art gallery of the municipality of Athens”

CLC’s team, led by Ms. Billi Eliza and Ms. Prelorentzou Eleni, Architecture NTUA, mentored and supervised our students Sabatakakis Pavlos (leader), Ziazia Polyzeni, Papadimas Filippos, Bakoyannis Pavlos, Chalkiadaki Daphne and Sarantopoulou Maria-Danae to carry out a research project on the old art gallery of the municipality of Athens. The project was about the renovation and reconstruction of the building of the old gallery of Athens in order to create a “Future of Mobility” plan for Athens, Greece. Located in the center of Athens, without current use, the aim of project was to propose some methods so as the building can get LEED certification. The group of two tutors and 6 students had to study the district of the building, take photos of the inside rooms, study the drawings and then learn about the rules of the LEED certification. The structural parts of the building were divided into groups and each group had to study further and propose new ways so as the building can get LEED certification. Frames, windows, inside and outside lightening and wall paint had to change as the building is old and we could only change some details of the structure. The basic aim of the project was to learn about the sustainability of the building and to design structures according to eco-friendly rules.

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