The Short-term effects of the Russo-Ukrainian war on Financial Markets

CLC’s team, led by Mr. Panagiotis Tsemperoulis, MSc Finance and Investment Durham University, BSc Management Science & Technology Athens University of Economics and Business, mentored and supervised our students Nickos Vytogiannis, Ioannis Asimakopoulos, Isavella Chatzi, and Spyros Damalas to carry out a research project on the short-term effects of the Russo-Ukrainian war on Financial Markets.

The Russian invasion in Ukraine has caused a global financial ripple effect that has been characterized as unprecedented by many market observers. This ripple effect can be observed among all asset classes, causing drawdowns to each and every one of them.

This paper aims to delve into the key factors that have affected each considered asset class and provide a generalistic perspective of the consequences of the war in financial markets.

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