What are the key challenges faced in implementing sustainability practices in Marriott Hotels & Resorts to enhance efficiency and reduce environmental impact?

CLC’s team, led by Mr. Georgios Militsis, MSc Finance & Risk Management ALBA, MSc Revenue Management Cornell, MSc Hospitality Industry Marbella Les Roches, and CLC’s Business teacher, mentored and supervised our students Marilia Kamarinaki, Elli Karaviti, Valeria Carelli, Konstantinos Vitsikanos, Konstantinos Delikanakis, Zoe Stengou, and Elena Nika to carry out a research project on the implementing sustainability practices through case study of Marriott Hotels & Resorts.

This project aims to highlight the importance of sustainability practices in the hotel industry and the reduction of environmental impact. Provides an overview of the Marriott Hotels & Resorts hotel chain and its sustainability initiatives. Furthermore, it presents potential strategies and solutions to address the identified challenges and showcases the importance of collaboration and partnerships in achieving sustainability goals.

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